Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Italy in 2016?

(Photo by David Iliff. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0.)

In 2003, I visited Italy for the first time. Florence, Siena, Sorrento and Positano are still cities I remember vividly. In 2010, I started to fall in love with Italian wine. For my grandfather's eightieth birthday, we shared a bottle of 1999 Barolo. My first girlfriend was Italian. I met her on a plane to Rome. Her family fed me the best Italian food I'd ever tasted. Even now, I still get excited over a frattaglie menu. I love Italy.

Ever since I started wedding photography, I'd thought about going back. I'd always fantasize about doing destination weddings in Italy, perhaps while picking wine grapes during harvest season so I'd have a place to stay. I'd stay in the country and putter around in a rented car while building the portfolio of my dreams. Well, it's time that dream became a reality.

Starting in January, I'll be taking courses in Italian and building a network centred around Florence. The idea is I'd still primarily shoot in Vancouver during peak season, but escape to Italy for three to four weeks a year during my offseason to shoot destination jobs for clients from Canada. I'll use tools like Airbnb to figure out my lodging but ultimately, I'll be relying on you, the friends and fans of Benjamin Luk Photography, to help me out. If you have a contact in Italy, please let me know about him or her. All I'd need is a couch to sleep on and good wi-fi, and I'd pay very generously for that in cash, wine, good company and possibly backrubs.

Do you know someone? Help me build my dream. I won't forget it, and I'll do everything in my power to help you build yours. Help me get to Italy. I'll be forever grateful.

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