Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Our Best of 2013!

(Brad and Jill at Fort Langley's CN train station. © 2013 Benjamin Luk.)

Weddings are my life. 2013 was an unforgettable year for weddings and my only regret was not staying on top of my blog posts to keep you fine folks updated. What's crazy is 2013's wedding season isn't over yet. We have an NYE wedding so we'll be shooting right up until the end of the year. Meanwhile, here's a small handful of shots showing what we've been up to. Click to enlarge.

(Tom and Charity at Barkley Brook. © 2013 Benjamin Luk.)

There's way more where these shots came from. We had a blast and barely any rest. From Dan and Donna to Tom and Charity, from Brad and Jill to Kim and Bryan, we had our busiest summer ever. I hit Toronto for a wedding in May, but most of our bookings have been local. I travel for weddings if need be though. I'll be in Newcastle for a wedding in 2015.

(Gabriel and Gladys at Riverfront Park in Vancouver. © 2013 Benjamin Luk.)

I now work regularly with accomplished portrait photographer Greg Bricknell. His combination of evocative imagery and technical skill makes him one of the finest wedding assistants I've ever brought on. 80% of the wedding shoots I did in 2013 were with Greg. Because of that, we're now running like a well-oiled machine and if you book us for 2014 or beyond, you'll benefit from that working relationship.

(Dan and Donna at Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden. © 2013 Benjamin Luk.)

Prices for 2014 start at $2,095 for the first six hours and $400 per additional hour plus applicable tax. Book a free consultation with us to see more work, especially from the weddings shown here. To do that, e-mail us at info@benjaminluk.com or text me at (604) 649-5635 with your names and wedding date. I consider my clients top priority. I'll make sure you're seen to right away.

(Kim and Bryan at New Westminster's Metro Hall. © 2013 Benjamin Luk.)

Benjamin Luk Photography Weddings is available for assignment at BLPwedding.com.